$367 Interior Innovations Custom Genuine Leather Seat Covers for Spor Automotive Interior Accessories $367,Automotive , Interior Accessories,Leather,for,Custom,Genuine,Interior,Seat,Innovations,theokellos.com,/Christed1991863.html,Covers,Spor $367 Interior Innovations Custom Genuine Leather Seat Covers for Spor Automotive Interior Accessories Interior Innovations Custom Genuine Leather Covers Sales Seat for Spor $367,Automotive , Interior Accessories,Leather,for,Custom,Genuine,Interior,Seat,Innovations,theokellos.com,/Christed1991863.html,Covers,Spor Interior Innovations Custom Genuine Leather Covers Sales Seat for Spor

Interior Innovations Custom Genuine Leather Covers It is very popular Sales Seat for Spor

Interior Innovations Custom Genuine Leather Seat Covers for Spor


Interior Innovations Custom Genuine Leather Seat Covers for Spor

Product description

Rejuvenate the interior of your Corvette C5 with these custom made O.E.M fitment genuine leather seat covers. We only use the finest quality automotive grade genuine leather in our products, these are all round genuine leather covers, front, backs, sides. Each panel of these covers either have 1/2 or 1/4 inch thick foam padding for tight and comfort fit. Both seat skins comes with map pockets. These are specially designed seat covers for your C5 Corvette sport style seats and will not work if you have standard seats. The covers are made with light oak genuine leather with black accents on the side bolsters, perforated inserts and light oak double top stitching. NOTE: 15% restocking fee will be applied on all returns. Please contact us if you have any questions. Thanks. Please make sure that you have Sport style seats, these covers will only fit on Sport style seats. Sport style seats have opening/hole under the head rests. These covers don't come with Corvette lettering or C5 flags. Thanks.

Interior Innovations Custom Genuine Leather Seat Covers for Spor

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