Soultone Cymbals VNT-FLRID21-21" Vintage Ride Fresno Mall Flat $166 Soultone Cymbals VNT-FLRID21-21" Vintage Flat Ride Musical Instruments Drums Percussion VNT-FLRID21-21",Cymbals,Ride,Vintage,/Gadoidea14004.html,Flat,Soultone,Musical Instruments , Drums Percussion,$166, VNT-FLRID21-21",Cymbals,Ride,Vintage,/Gadoidea14004.html,Flat,Soultone,Musical Instruments , Drums Percussion,$166, $166 Soultone Cymbals VNT-FLRID21-21" Vintage Flat Ride Musical Instruments Drums Percussion Soultone Cymbals VNT-FLRID21-21" Vintage Ride Fresno Mall Flat

Soultone Cymbals VNT-FLRID21-21

Soultone Cymbals VNT-FLRID21-21" Vintage Flat Ride


Soultone Cymbals VNT-FLRID21-21" Vintage Flat Ride

Product description

A thinner and wider lathed cymbal, with hand-hammering, that produces a darker, more traditional, sound.

Soultone Cymbals VNT-FLRID21-21" Vintage Flat Ride

Local Events

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