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Simple Shapes Moon Clouds Decal and Wall Stars 5 ☆ very popular Mail order cheap

Simple Shapes Moon, Clouds, and Stars Wall Decal


Simple Shapes Moon, Clouds, and Stars Wall Decal

Product description

Your little one will have a good night's sleep beneath our Moon, Clouds, and Stars Wall Decal! The adorable moon and cloud dream sweetly amidst a star-filled sky.

Overall Size (approx): 62"w x 62"h
(Actual Width and Height will vary based on how you choose to place the stars.)

Moon with Cloud Size: 31"w x 23"h
Large Cloud Size: 54"w x 18"h

What's Included:
Moon with Cloud
Large Cloud
(50) Stars

All artwork is original.
2018 SK Design Concepts LLC | Simple Shapes is a registered trademark of SK Design Concepts LLC

Simple Shapes Moon, Clouds, and Stars Wall Decal

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