$25,Set,White,Vase,/Mononchus1991683.html,Vase,,SANFERGE,Flower,of,fo,theokellos.com,Oval,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,Hollow,2,Ceramic SANFERGE Set of 2 White Ceramic Hollow Vase Oval fo Flower Ranking TOP6 SANFERGE Set of 2 White Ceramic Hollow Vase Oval fo Flower Ranking TOP6 $25,Set,White,Vase,/Mononchus1991683.html,Vase,,SANFERGE,Flower,of,fo,theokellos.com,Oval,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,Hollow,2,Ceramic $25 SANFERGE Set of 2 White Ceramic Flower Vase, Hollow Oval Vase fo Home Kitchen Home Décor Products $25 SANFERGE Set of 2 White Ceramic Flower Vase, Hollow Oval Vase fo Home Kitchen Home Décor Products

Translated SANFERGE Set of 2 White Ceramic Hollow Vase Oval fo Flower Ranking TOP6

SANFERGE Set of 2 White Ceramic Flower Vase, Hollow Oval Vase fo


SANFERGE Set of 2 White Ceramic Flower Vase, Hollow Oval Vase fo

Product Description

SANFERGE Ceramic Flower Vase for Home Décor Office Decoration, 9.2/11.8in Oval Modern Geometric Vase
SANFERGE Ceramic Flower Vase for Home Décor Office Decoration, 9.2/11.8in Oval Modern Geometric Vase
SANFERGE white oval flower vase set of 2 SANFERGE black oval flower vase set of 2 SANFERGE oval flower vase white SANFERGE oval flower vase black SANFERGE oval flower vase white SANFERGE oval flower vase black
2 Pack Oval Flower Vase 2 Pack Oval Flower Vase Oval Flower Vase Oval Flower Vase Oval Flower Vase Oval Flower Vase
MATERIAL Ceramic Ceramic Ceramic Ceramic Ceramic Ceramic
HEIGHT 9.2 in, 11.8 in 9.2 in, 11.8 in 11.8 in 11.8 in 9.2 in 9.2 in
COLOUR White/Black White/Black White/Black White/Black White/Black White/Black
SHAPE Oval Oval Oval Oval Oval Oval
SURFACE Matte Matte Matte Matte Matte Matte
Heart Flower Vase Triangle Flower Vase Butt Flower Vase Basic Flower Vase Basic Flower Vase Flower Vase with Rope
MATERIAL Ceramic Ceramic Ceramic Ceramic Ceramic Ceramic
HEIGHT 10" 8.2" 5.7" 8" 8" 10"
COLOUR Black/White/Yellow/Red/Silver/Gold Black/White White/Pink White/Black/Black Gradient/Lavender Gray Gradient/Pink Gradient/Blue Gradient/Green Gradient White/Black/Black Gradient/Lavender Gray Gradient/Pink Gradient/Blue Gradient/Green Gradient White
SHAPE Heart Triangle Butt Round Round Round
SURFACE Glossy Matte Glossy Frosted/Smooth/Glossy Frosted/Smooth/Glossy Matte

SANFERGE Set of 2 White Ceramic Flower Vase, Hollow Oval Vase fo

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