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Our Specialities

NH Cares Your go-to source for expert guidance on health and wellness

Pulmonary Embolism

Excellence in care delivery for PE / CTEPH

Abdominal Pain and Gastric problems

Abdominal Pain and Gastric problems: Diagnosis and Treatment

Prostate Cancer

Prostate Cancer Treatment: You guide to Prostate Health

Bariatric Surgery

Weight Loss/Bariatric Surgery Is it worth the risks?

Bone Marrow Transplants

Your guide to understanding Bone Marrow Transplants


Understanding Cancer Basics of Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment

International Patients

The International Patient Department at Narayana Health is dedicated to ensuring that international patients have a hassle-free, comfortable medical journey. Our department works extensively with doctors, companies, and NGOs around the world to provide access to quality healthcare at affordable prices.

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Meera Raj speaking about Mazumdar Shaw Cancer Centre, Bangalore, India

Meera Raj was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 60. A friend of her who already underwent treatment at Narayana Health suggested her to go to Mazumdar Shaw Cancer Centre. She decided to go with her friend’s suggestion and today, she is a survivor of breast cancer.

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CSR At Narayana Health

Narayana Health has a long-standing commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). We strive to constantly improve and make sure our business is integrated with the aims and objectives of CSR. Our goal is to impact the lives of people we work for and with.

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Clinical Research Centre

Narayana Health is committed to providing state-of-the-art patient care. Our team is actively researching innovative and advanced treatment aimed at driving healthcare in a positive direction. This helps provide our patients with access to cutting-edge therapeutic services in all major specialities.

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Latest Blogs Find the latest blogs from our experts

Awards and Accreditations Narayana Health is Frequently Recognised for its Commitment to Providing World-Class Healthcare & Excellent Patient Service

IHF Excellence Award for Corporate Social Responsibility

Narayana Health was selected as the Silver Winner of the IHF/Bionexo Award 2018 for Corporate Social Responsibility

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Narayana Health Wins Express Healthcare Excellence Award 2018

Recipient of the Express Healthcare Excellence Award 2018 in the Best CSR Initiative category.

CSR Impact Award 2018

Recipient of the CSR health impact award 2018 in “Swasth Bharath Initiative category”

News & Events Read More About Narayana Health's Events, Programs, and Coverage in the News

Inauguration of the state-of-the-art BMT unit at SRCC Children’s Hospital managed by Narayana Health.

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‘Bentall Surgery’ performed successfully at Narayana Multispeciality Hospital, Jaipur." class="img-responsive">
‘Bentall Surgery’ performed successfully at Narayana Multispeciality Hospital, Jaipur.

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A first in Karnataka - Joint Heart & Lung transplant performed at Narayana Health City.

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Police Officer from Muscat with Acute Heart Failure gets a Gift of Life at Narayana Health City" class="img-responsive">
Police Officer from Muscat with Acute Heart Failure gets a Gift of Life at Narayana Health City

The Office WUPHF Hooded Sweatshirt