Traulsen Choice SER-60249-00 Compact Replacement Cartridge Traulsen Choice SER-60249-00 Compact Replacement Cartridge $35 Traulsen SER-60249-00 Compact Replacement Cartridge Appliances Parts Accessories $35 Traulsen SER-60249-00 Compact Replacement Cartridge Appliances Parts Accessories Traulsen,Cartridge,SER-60249-00,,Replacement,Compact,/aculea1345294.html,$35,Appliances , Parts Accessories Traulsen,Cartridge,SER-60249-00,,Replacement,Compact,/aculea1345294.html,$35,Appliances , Parts Accessories

Traulsen Choice SER-60249-00 Compact Sale item Replacement Cartridge

Traulsen SER-60249-00 Compact Replacement Cartridge


Traulsen SER-60249-00 Compact Replacement Cartridge

Product description

Product Description

SER-60249-00, Compact Replacement Cartridge, With a history that dates back to 1938, Treutlen has long been one of the standards for commercial refrigerators.

From the Manufacturer

SER-60249-00 , Compact Replacement Cartridge , With a history that dates back to 1938, Traulsen has long been one of the standards for commercial refrigerators

Traulsen SER-60249-00 Compact Replacement Cartridge

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