$56 Highlighter - STABILO BOSS ORIGINAL Store Pack of 48 in 5 Assort Office Products Office School Supplies Store,in,ORIGINAL,48,theokellos.com,$56,-,5,STABILO,/bannerfish1345405.html,Assort,Pack,Highlighter,BOSS,of,Office Products , Office School Supplies Highlighter - STABILO BOSS ORIGINAL Store Pack of Excellent Assort 48 in 5 Highlighter - STABILO BOSS ORIGINAL Store Pack of Excellent Assort 48 in 5 $56 Highlighter - STABILO BOSS ORIGINAL Store Pack of 48 in 5 Assort Office Products Office School Supplies Store,in,ORIGINAL,48,theokellos.com,$56,-,5,STABILO,/bannerfish1345405.html,Assort,Pack,Highlighter,BOSS,of,Office Products , Office School Supplies

Purchase Highlighter - STABILO BOSS ORIGINAL Store Pack of Excellent Assort 48 in 5

Highlighter - STABILO BOSS ORIGINAL Store Pack of 48 in 5 Assort


Highlighter - STABILO BOSS ORIGINAL Store Pack of 48 in 5 Assort

Product description


Product Description

There is only one STABILO BOSS Original. It's distinctive shape is recognised all over the world and stands for quality. High fluorescence and long life makes it one of the choice. The STABILO BOSS can be used on all types of paper. Also don't worry if you forget to replace the cap, you are able to leave it off for up to 4-hour and the highlighter will regenerate once the cap is replaced.

Set Contains:

  • Box of 48 Boss Highlighters, assorted colours
  • Highlighter - STABILO BOSS ORIGINAL Store Pack of 48 in 5 Assort

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