$65 Loud 40dB Big Button Cordless Phone Health Household Medical Supplies Equipment Cordless,$65,40dB,Loud,/belted14133.html,theokellos.com,Phone,Big,Health Household , Medical Supplies Equipment,Button Loud 40dB Big Cordless Columbus Mall Button Phone $65 Loud 40dB Big Button Cordless Phone Health Household Medical Supplies Equipment Cordless,$65,40dB,Loud,/belted14133.html,theokellos.com,Phone,Big,Health Household , Medical Supplies Equipment,Button Loud 40dB Big Cordless Columbus Mall Button Phone

Loud 40dB Big Cordless High material Columbus Mall Button Phone

Loud 40dB Big Button Cordless Phone


Loud 40dB Big Button Cordless Phone

Product description

Serene big button, loud volume cordless phone Talking caller ID with call-waiting announces (in English or French) the caller's number Large and brightly back-lit keys for easy seeing All keys "talk-back" (in English or French) to confirm if you've pressed the desired key 8 One-touch speed dial buttons for easy calling One-touch call-for-help button for hands-free emergency calls Audible and visual voice mail/ missed call indicators Amplifies incoming sound up to 100 times (40+dB) louder HDS (hi-definition sound) technology makes every word crisp, clear and intelligible High performance speakerphone Bright visual ring flasher and super loud ringer (90+dB) on handset and base DECT 6.0 technology for superior range and interference-free calls Battery back-up for full operation during power outage Hearing aid compatible handset Expandable up to 5 handsets MW-IOV

Loud 40dB Big Button Cordless Phone

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