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Spring new work Kids Storage Basket Santa and Bin Complete Free Shipping Elk Toy Accessory

Kids Storage Basket Santa and Elk Toy and Accessory Storage Bin,


Kids Storage Basket Santa and Elk Toy and Accessory Storage Bin,

Product description


Material: 300D Oxford cloth + waterproof PVC.
Dimensions:19.3x11.8x15.9 in/49x30x40.5 cm.

Drawstring design: Both sides of the laundry basket contain soft hemp rope handles,making it easier and more convenient when you carry the basket.

There is a bracket inside the laundry basket, and the thickened bottom is more stable and durable.The foldable design allows it to be placed at will,whether it is under the bed, drawer, closet or shelf,it will not occupy too much space.

This square laundry basket can also be a storage box at home,used to store various ornaments, crafts,children's toys, magazines and other items.

Fashionable printing:
There are various good-looking printing on the surface of the basket. You can choose various colors and patterns to facilitate mixing and matching with houses of different colors and designs.

Perfect decoration:
These trash cans are provided in interesting, trendy and cute styles and colors,ideal for nurseries,home offices,craft rooms,adding a touch of color to all rooms while also being functional.

After-sales: Desheze is committed to providing customers with the best quality products and services. If you are not satisfied with our products,we unconditionally support return and exchange, please rest assured to buy.

Kids Storage Basket Santa and Elk Toy and Accessory Storage Bin,

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