Tools Home Improvement , Electrical,Locking,Super-Safeway,$39,/clites1962945.html,Industrial,Woodhead,2949,Connector,,,Duty, $39 Woodhead 2949 Super-Safeway Connector, Industrial Duty, Locking Tools Home Improvement Electrical Woodhead 2949 Super-Safeway Connector Industrial Spasm price Duty Locking Woodhead 2949 Super-Safeway Connector Industrial Spasm price Duty Locking $39 Woodhead 2949 Super-Safeway Connector, Industrial Duty, Locking Tools Home Improvement Electrical Tools Home Improvement , Electrical,Locking,Super-Safeway,$39,/clites1962945.html,Industrial,Woodhead,2949,Connector,,,Duty,

Woodhead 2949 Super-Safeway Connector Industrial Spasm Philadelphia Mall price Duty Locking

Woodhead 2949 Super-Safeway Connector, Industrial Duty, Locking


Woodhead 2949 Super-Safeway Connector, Industrial Duty, Locking

Product description

Style:NEMA L7-30

The Woodhead 2949 is a Super-Safeway Connector with Locking Blade, 2 Pole/3 Wire, NEMA L7-30, 277V. This Woodhead item is sometimes referred to as a , heavy-duty connector, rubber connector, or a replacement connector. As a leading provider of electronic components and solutions, Molex views innovation as a tool for solving complex customer challenges. This philosophy has helped us not only create many pioneering electronic solutions, but also build a globally recognized company.

From the manufacturer

Outlet Outlet Outlet Outlet Outlet Milex
1447 1433 2647 2676 2847 2882
Amperage 15A 20A 20A 20A 30A 30A
Voltage 125V 125V 125V 480V 125V 480V
NEMA Configuration 5-15 5-20 L5-20 L16-20 L5-30 L22-30
Pole / Wire 2P/3W 2P/3W 2P/3W 3P/4W 3P/4W 4P/5W
Material Rubber Rubber Rubber Rubber Rubber Rubber
Cord Range 0.300"-0.575" 0.300"-0.575" 0.325"-0.840" 0.325"-0.840" 0.590"-1.150" 0.590"-1.150"

Woodhead 2949 Super-Safeway Connector, Industrial Duty, Locking

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