Nostalgic-Art Harley-Davidson-American Classic Logo Sign Tin Mesa Mall 30 $21 Nostalgic-Art Harley-Davidson-American Classic Logo, Tin Sign 30 Home Kitchen Home Décor Products /clites1991445.html,$21,30,,Logo,,Classic,Sign,Nostalgic-Art,Harley-Davidson-American,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,Tin $21 Nostalgic-Art Harley-Davidson-American Classic Logo, Tin Sign 30 Home Kitchen Home Décor Products /clites1991445.html,$21,30,,Logo,,Classic,Sign,Nostalgic-Art,Harley-Davidson-American,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,Tin Nostalgic-Art Harley-Davidson-American Classic Logo Sign Tin Mesa Mall 30

Nostalgic-Art Harley-Davidson-American Classic Logo Sign Tin Tucson Mall Mesa Mall 30

Nostalgic-Art Harley-Davidson-American Classic Logo, Tin Sign 30


Nostalgic-Art Harley-Davidson-American Classic Logo, Tin Sign 30

Product description

This high-quality vintage tin sign (size: 30x40 cm) is a great decoration item - whether in the kitchen, living room or garage. This retro design is printed on extra thick steel sheet metal in brilliant colours and a protective lacquer. It has arched, embossed and crimped over edgings, with rounded corners and pre-drilled holes. Each tin sign is individually wrapped in a sturdy plastic bag. Quality "Made in Germany”.

Nostalgic-Art Harley-Davidson-American Classic Logo, Tin Sign 30



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