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Sale item Theo Klein 6741 Vileda Broom Trolley a with I Sale item Bucket Mop

Theo Klein 6741 Vileda Broom Trolley I with Mop, Bucket, Broom a


Theo Klein 6741 Vileda Broom Trolley I with Mop, Bucket, Broom a

Product description

Product Description

A task that adults often see as a tiresome chore can be lots of fun for children: cleaning the house. This can be done especially well with a Theo Klein broom trolley. For many years now, Klein have been making trolleys that are equipped with (almost) everything you could need for a big clean-up: broom, bucket, mop, and lots more besides. And their products are of course all of a very high quality. The cleaning trolleys are all manufactured in Germany and made of robust, high-quality plastic. They have a child-friendly design – with rounded-off edges and smooth shapes. All the items are perfectly adapted for children's games and to fit little hands. They not only help to train motor skills, but also encourage children to imagine how it is to take on the role and tasks of adults, thereby promoting their understanding of their environment and their own development.

Vileda Broom Trolley
As well as the easy-to-assemble broom trolley itself, the Vileda-design boom trolley also includes a mop, a bucket with wringer, a broom and a dustpan and brush.

- Dimensions of broom trolley: 29 cm x 24 cm x 60 cm
- Made in Germany
- Suitable for children aged 3 years and up

Set Contains:

1x Vileda vacuum cleaner; 1x road sweeper; 1x swap; 1x dustpan; 1x wiper; 1x bucket

Theo Klein 6741 Vileda Broom Trolley I with Mop, Bucket, Broom a



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