$58,Ceramic,For,Home,theokellos.com,Hummingbird,Candle,Deco,Tealight,Handmade Products , Handmade Wedding,Holder,/cookie-policy/,Holder, $58,Ceramic,For,Home,theokellos.com,Hummingbird,Candle,Deco,Tealight,Handmade Products , Handmade Wedding,Holder,/cookie-policy/,Holder, $58 Hummingbird Ceramic Candle Holder, Tealight Holder For Home Deco Handmade Products Handmade Wedding Hummingbird Ceramic Candle Spring new work Holder Deco Home Tealight For $58 Hummingbird Ceramic Candle Holder, Tealight Holder For Home Deco Handmade Products Handmade Wedding Hummingbird Ceramic Candle Spring new work Holder Deco Home Tealight For

Hummingbird Ceramic Candle Spring new work Max 44% OFF Holder Deco Home Tealight For

Hummingbird Ceramic Candle Holder, Tealight Holder For Home Deco


Hummingbird Ceramic Candle Holder, Tealight Holder For Home Deco

Hummingbird Ceramic Candle Holder, Tealight Holder For Home Decor

1. PLEASE NOTE! All our candle holders are carved by hand. Therefore they are made to order and will be ready to ship in 2-3 weeks. You will receive your order in 6-10 business days after shipment!

2. Candle holder diameter 4.13 in (10,5 cm).

3. Color Ivory, white, red, gray, blue.

4. The candle holder for standard tea light candles.

5. CAUTION: The lantern can become very hot when in use. Please use caution when handling a hot lantern. Keep out of reach of small children when in use.

The colors of the item may vary slightly due to computer monitor settings.

Hummingbird Ceramic Candle Holder, Tealight Holder For Home Deco

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