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Japan's largest assortment OSRAM BULB WITHOUT HOUSING Columbus Mall FOR TOSHIBA AZ684020-BARE




Product description

TOSHIBA AZ684020 LAMP THESE ARE THE SAME OEM LAMPS INSTALLED BY THE FACTORY. CHANGING THE LAMP TAKES MINUTES AND IS EVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY AS THE CAGE CAN BE RE-USED INDEFINATELY. FITS THE FOLLOWING MODELS: 44NMH84 If you are not sure if your TV takes this lamp contact us as we have an extensive cross reference list. Lamps are all brand NEW, in original packaging and are 100% GUARANTEED for defects and lamp life. Disclaimer: This item is sold new in box, free of any defects or malfunctions. Although our warranty covers the product, it is ultimately the customer’s responsibility to install the lamp in the original housing properly. If the lamp is returned and we deem that the lamp was not installed properly or was damaged while in the customer’s care you will get your lamp back and we will not process a refund or exchange. The lamp bulb area should not be handled with any liquid, including human oil.


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