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Rainbow Sandals Mens The Bentley Luxury Super popular specialty Industry No. 1 store Layer A Leather - Double

Rainbow Sandals Mens The Bentley Luxury Leather - Double Layer A


Rainbow Sandals Mens The Bentley Luxury Leather - Double Layer A

Product description

The Bentley in The Double Layer Luxury Leather Collection The newest double layer design in our product line. Be the first to get your feet into The Double Layer Bentley in Luxury Leather. Leather design comes with the traditional 1" straps that are handmade with a woven pattern on the top and trimmed edges to keep it all together. The best feature of this new line is that there is virtually zero break in process. We crafted naturally tumbled full grain Luxury Leather to elevate you in your continued journey through life.

Rainbow Sandals Mens The Bentley Luxury Leather - Double Layer A

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