/ctenophore1906919.html,w/Black,Modern,CZ,Cocktail,GP,Attractive,$30,theokellos.com,Large,-,Alljoy,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,Ring /ctenophore1906919.html,w/Black,Modern,CZ,Cocktail,GP,Attractive,$30,theokellos.com,Large,-,Alljoy,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,Ring $30 Alljoy Modern Attractive Large Cocktail Ring w/Black CZ - GP Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women Alljoy Modern Attractive Large Cocktail Ring CZ GP - Regular dealer Black w Alljoy Modern Attractive Large Cocktail Ring CZ GP - Regular dealer Black w $30 Alljoy Modern Attractive Large Cocktail Ring w/Black CZ - GP Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women

Alljoy Modern Attractive Large Max 74% OFF Cocktail Ring CZ GP - Regular dealer Black w

Alljoy Modern Attractive Large Cocktail Ring w/Black CZ - GP


Alljoy Modern Attractive Large Cocktail Ring w/Black CZ - GP

Product description

Not a fan of vintage?... Perfect!... We think you'll find this ring with a flattering modern design quite irresistible! The freeform stone is a Jet Black CZ with a fancy cut that is both attractive and unconventional. It measures approx. 19x24mm. The bold and stylish mounting tapers into a band that is 5mm wide at the back.

Heavily layered in a high polish genuine 18K Yellow Gold electroplate over Brass; will not chip or fade.

Our stones are expertly hand cut and hand set, and carefully selected for color uniformity. The superb workmanship truly gives our pieces the actual look of Fine Jewelry.

Alljoy Modern Attractive Large Cocktail Ring w/Black CZ - GP

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