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Rockport Men's Zaden Ubal Oxford Superlatite Trust

Rockport Men's Zaden Ubal Oxford


Rockport Men's Zaden Ubal Oxford

Product description

The zaden collection combines athletic features with lightweight materials taking the serious out and putting style and comfort in. With a lightweight outsole, padded collars, and removable footbed, it's the perfect footwear for the active weekender.

From the manufacturer


Rockport has been powering your busy days since 1971 when we made dress shoes truly comfortable, by adding sport technology into the design – the very first company to do so. Today we continue to push boundaries to give you the best combination of comfort and style.

We know life can keep you changing gears, even in the span of one day. With our shoes’ tech-based engineering, you’ll keep the pace – and then some. Because a life on the go doesn’t power itself.

Even our body’s natural energy needs a boost sometimes, so we’ve perfected the shoes that keep you moving. Explore all the active and casual shoes Rockport has to offer.

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Rockport Men's Total Motion Lace to Toe Rockport Men's Zaden Plain Toe Oxford Rockport Men's City Edge Lace Up Rockport Men's GYK Blucher Rockport Men's Colle Tie Rockport Men's Chranson Walking Sneaker
truTECH Comfort Technology
Removable Footbed
Impact-absorbing Comfort
Memory Foam
What You Will Love A mix of soft leather and suede uppers, the modern Total Motion Lite collection pairs highly mobile architecture with our latest generation IMEVA soles and truTECH lightweight shock absorption The Zaden Collection combines athletic features with lightweight materials taking the serious out and putting style and comfort in. With a lightweight outsole, padded collars, and removable footbed, it's the perfect footwear for the active weekender. Built for taking advantage of outdoor activities, this collection makes walking from activity to activity effortless. truTECH footpads and EVA outsoles absorb impact, latex footbeds cushion, and leather uppers make for a breathable fit. An EVA outsole provides lightweight shock absorption while Strobel construction gives you that forefoot flexibility. EVA with memory foam combined with a lightweight comfort system gives you all the added comfort. These lace-to-toes are tailored yet casual, modern yet athletic. Ortholite footbeds cushion the foot, while embossed textures, distressed leathers, and winning accents offer an on-trend, of-the-moment look. From casual strolling to walking, these shoes rock. Sturdy and athletic, yet casual and built for comfort, they've got the grip to keep you moving forward.

Rockport Men's Zaden Ubal Oxford

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