$68 Prism Jewel 0.18 0.25Ct Yellow Diamond Screw Back Bezel Set St Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women Prism Jewel 0.18 Latest item 0.25Ct Yellow Diamond Back Bezel Screw St Set Prism Jewel 0.18 Latest item 0.25Ct Yellow Diamond Back Bezel Screw St Set Set,Back,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,theokellos.com,Bezel,Jewel,Prism,0.25Ct,0.18,$68,Screw,Yellow,St,Diamond,/deferentially14153.html $68 Prism Jewel 0.18 0.25Ct Yellow Diamond Screw Back Bezel Set St Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women Set,Back,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,theokellos.com,Bezel,Jewel,Prism,0.25Ct,0.18,$68,Screw,Yellow,St,Diamond,/deferentially14153.html

Prism Jewel 0.18 Fashionable Latest item 0.25Ct Yellow Diamond Back Bezel Screw St Set

Prism Jewel 0.18 0.25Ct Yellow Diamond Screw Back Bezel Set St


Prism Jewel 0.18 0.25Ct Yellow Diamond Screw Back Bezel Set St

Product description

* Diamond Characteristics

  • Type: Diamond
  • Color: Green
  • Clarity: I3-PK
  • Shape: Round
  • Total Diamond Weight: 0.18 Carat amp; 0.25 Carat
  • Number Of Diamond: 2
  • Size:

    Prism Jewel 0.18 0.25Ct Yellow Diamond Screw Back Bezel Set St

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