$37 Okin JLDQ-11 Part JLDQ.11.170.90 Power Recliner Lift Chairs Moto Home Kitchen Furniture Chairs,JLDQ.11.170.90,JLDQ-11,Home Kitchen , Furniture,/designedly441.html,Power,Lift,Moto,theokellos.com,Part,Okin,$37,Recliner Okin Charlotte Mall JLDQ-11 Part JLDQ.11.170.90 Power Chairs Recliner Moto Lift Chairs,JLDQ.11.170.90,JLDQ-11,Home Kitchen , Furniture,/designedly441.html,Power,Lift,Moto,theokellos.com,Part,Okin,$37,Recliner $37 Okin JLDQ-11 Part JLDQ.11.170.90 Power Recliner Lift Chairs Moto Home Kitchen Furniture Okin Charlotte Mall JLDQ-11 Part JLDQ.11.170.90 Power Chairs Recliner Moto Lift

Okin Choice Charlotte Mall JLDQ-11 Part JLDQ.11.170.90 Power Chairs Recliner Moto Lift

Okin JLDQ-11 Part JLDQ.11.170.90 Power Recliner Lift Chairs Moto


Okin JLDQ-11 Part JLDQ.11.170.90 Power Recliner Lift Chairs Moto

Product description

It is important to make sure our motor SKU " JLDQ.11.170.90" on label and the cable connectors/motor end shapes are same to yours. Should you have any question, feel free to contact us.

OEM Okin Refined-R Recliner Motor Part JLDQ.11.170.90 offered by Okin

Technical data:

Appearance: Black(PA),silver white(aluminum)

Motor: Low-voltage DC motor(24V)

Operation frequency: On 1 min/Off 8min


Minimum dimensions:170mm/6.69inches

Push force:1500N, Pull force:1500N

Okin JLDQ-11 Part JLDQ.11.170.90 Power Recliner Lift Chairs Moto

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