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Medi-Rub Ranking TOP1 Body Massager - Lifetime Med purchased Warranty if Ranking TOP7 from

Medi-Rub Body Massager - Lifetime Warranty if purchased from Med


Medi-Rub Body Massager - Lifetime Warranty if purchased from Med

Product description

The MR-2 2000 Body Massager was developed to be used by chiropractors and physical therapists in the treatment of joint and muscle pain. Extremely versatile, the body massager has many applications. The specially designed handles fit securely against flat surfaces permitting localized placement of the massage pad without assistance. Stimulating circulation to strained joints and muscles aids in the recovery process and helps to prevent future injury. The MR-2 2000 is the most requested body massager by professionals and consumers alike.

Medi-Rub Body Massager - Lifetime Warranty if purchased from Med

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