Clip in Human Hair Special sale item Extensions 20" #18 613 Pieces 8 18 Clips Stra $21 Clip in Human Hair Extensions 20" #18/613 8 Pieces 18 Clips Stra Beauty Personal Care Hair Care 20",in,Human,8,Clips,,18,Hair,Pieces,Clip,Stra,Extensions,/emulatively1692687.html,$21,#18/613,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care $21 Clip in Human Hair Extensions 20" #18/613 8 Pieces 18 Clips Stra Beauty Personal Care Hair Care Clip in Human Hair Special sale item Extensions 20" #18 613 Pieces 8 18 Clips Stra 20",in,Human,8,Clips,,18,Hair,Pieces,Clip,Stra,Extensions,/emulatively1692687.html,$21,#18/613,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care

Clip in Human Hair Special sale item Extensions 20

Clip in Human Hair Extensions 20" #18/613 8 Pieces 18 Clips Stra


Clip in Human Hair Extensions 20" #18/613 8 Pieces 18 Clips Stra

Product Description

Benefits of Using Remy Human Hair extensions

1)Adding length - Easy and quickest way to add length in any colour, without waiting ages for your own hair to grow.

2)More Volume- Add thickness and body to your natural hair.

3)Fashion Goddess - change your style/colour, adds variation and depth, picking new trends. Special occasions- dress your hair with new look on special occasions like dating, birthday party, wedding etc.

4)Best Cure for an awkward moment- Quick repair if you had a bad hair-cut. More self-esteem and confidence.

5)Glamorous new look without damaging your own hair. 6)Edge over others for more depth and versatility in your personality.

Our double weft sets are secure, comfortable and luxuriously soft; and because they’re clip-in extensions, you can have thicker hair whenever you want and remove them with easily. All our double weft thick hair extensions are made with 100% Remy human hair, to ensure a natural yet glamorous look.

clip in human hair extensions

It is easy to clip the extensions to your hair.

1.Brush your own hair and your hairpiece through evenly to remove all knots.

2.Take your hair from each ear and section off in a clear curved part across your head and secure with hair clip.

3.Open all snap-lock clips.

4.Place the middle clip in the center of your part just above the section line,and close the clip.

5.Place one side clip into position along the part and close the clip.

6.Place the second side clip into position and snap shut.

7.Release own hair from hair clip and comb through.

8.Enjoy how natural your “NEW HAIR” looks and feels!

Clip in Human Hair Extensions 20" #18/613 8 Pieces 18 Clips Stra

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