KN 81-1009 Replacement Filter Fuel Oil Tucson Mall Fuel/Oil,,Automotive , Performance Parts Accessories,81-1009,Replacement,Filter,/eng/press/news/2021/04/mx-pro-kit,$40,KN $40 KN 81-1009 Replacement Fuel/Oil Filter Automotive Performance Parts Accessories $40 KN 81-1009 Replacement Fuel/Oil Filter Automotive Performance Parts Accessories Fuel/Oil,,Automotive , Performance Parts Accessories,81-1009,Replacement,Filter,/eng/press/news/2021/04/mx-pro-kit,$40,KN KN 81-1009 Replacement Filter Fuel Oil Tucson Mall

KN 81-1009 Replacement Filter Fuel Oil Tucson Regular store Mall

KN 81-1009 Replacement Fuel/Oil Filter


KN 81-1009 Replacement Fuel/Oil Filter

Product description

This stainless steel filter element replaces the filter inside a Kamp;N inline fuel/oil filter. Perfect for racing applications, these filters can be used with a variety of oils and fuels including methanol.

KN 81-1009 Replacement Fuel/Oil Filter

Strings & Text
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