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Super-cheap Geox Women's Sneakers New products, world's highest quality popular! Low-Top

Geox Women's Low-Top Sneakers


Geox Women's Low-Top Sneakers

Product description

A slip-on sneaker tapping into a tennis aesthetic and exuding a fashion-forward contemporary vibe with the extraordinarily comfortable design you have come to expect from Geox. Suitable for any laid-back outfit. The Geox-patented perforations make the sole breathable, making sure your feet enjoy a constant long-lasting sensation of wellbeing. The lightweight pliant EVA sole provides this piece of footwear with a cushioned effect for tireless walking all day long.
Entirely made from leather, the insole is removable and fits comfortably, keeping the foot feeling dry at all times.
The classic Geox rubber sole is based on an exclusive patent: the combination of the perforated sole and the resistant breathable and waterproof membrane allow for natural temperature regulation, thereby creating a microclimate inside the shoe that keeps feet dry and comfortable for the whole day.

Geox Women's Low-Top Sneakers


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