Pet Supplies , Dogs,/fullmouth1692554.html,Airline,Travel,$35,Petsfit,,Foldable,Carri,Approved,Pet,Carriers,,Cat Petsfit Foldable Pet Travel Carriers Clearance SALE! Limited time! Airline Cat Carri Approved Pet Supplies , Dogs,/fullmouth1692554.html,Airline,Travel,$35,Petsfit,,Foldable,Carri,Approved,Pet,Carriers,,Cat $35 Petsfit Foldable Pet Travel Carriers, Airline Approved Cat Carri Pet Supplies Dogs Petsfit Foldable Pet Travel Carriers Clearance SALE! Limited time! Airline Cat Carri Approved $35 Petsfit Foldable Pet Travel Carriers, Airline Approved Cat Carri Pet Supplies Dogs

Petsfit Max 78% OFF Foldable Pet Travel Carriers Clearance SALE Limited time Airline Cat Carri Approved

Petsfit Foldable Pet Travel Carriers, Airline Approved Cat Carri


Petsfit Foldable Pet Travel Carriers, Airline Approved Cat Carri

Product description

Basic Information:

Material: 600D x 600D Oxford cloth

Mesh: hexagonal mesh

Dimension: 19 x 9 x 12 inch

Color: Black


Designs and Functions:

1. Fabric tape in the bottom can fix the pet carrier in the car seat.

2. Two-way placements: lay the carrier down or stand the bag up.

3. Top and side entrances make it easy to interact with pets.

4. Two fleece mat: bottom and side, they are all washable and removable.

5. Side is two zipper designs, it can be used as pockets or use it in the trolley.


1. Petsfit adheres to Amazon Return Policy.

2. Within 30 days, any quality problems, please contact us, we will take full responsibility.

3. Any damages happened during shipping period, we will burden the cost.

Attention: Please kindly check with airline company before travel to avoid fly troubles.

Petsfit Foldable Pet Travel Carriers, Airline Approved Cat Carri

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