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Vakker Bahay Non Adhesive Glass Film Heat Control UV Light Block


Vakker Bahay Non Adhesive Glass Film Heat Control UV Light Block

Product description

Size:35.5x118 inch

Product Info:
Size:35.5 by 118 Inches(90 x 300CM) in roll
Adhesive:Static cling;Easy to install and removal
Function:Creates privacy and allows light in,also decorate your window

Install instruction:
Step 01.Clean your window thoroughly.
Step 02.Measure the size of your window both width and length.
Step 03.Cut film into proper size,about 1 inch longer than the window.
Step 04.Wet the window totally.
Step 05.Peel off the backing clear protective film gently.(Please make sure the backing film is removed, or the film will fall down from window)
Step 06.Position the film against the window and use your finger to press across the entire top of the film to allow it grip the sightly.
Step 07.Smooth out the film with with squeegee,make sure no air and bubbles inside. (The squeegee you can use like ID card,bank card ect.)
Step 08.Dry off your window film with rag,cut the excessive bit slowly.

Quick and easy decorating,keep the place where you want it privacy.Perfect the windows that aren't well suited for curtains or blinds,easy to install and work for many years.The film also provide the UV protection without light blocking.Using static cling with no adhesives, removable and reusable

Package Included:
1 roll 35.5-inch by 118-inch window film
1 piece step by step window film install instruction
Ruler include as the gift for you.No Squeegee include.

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Vakker Bahay Non Adhesive Glass Film Heat Control UV Light Block

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