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Cross ATX Executive Companion Sage Max 49% OFF Matte Direct stock discount Green Polishe and Satin

Cross ATX Executive Companion Sage Satin Matte Green and Polishe


Cross ATX Executive Companion Sage Satin Matte Green and Polishe

Product description

Softened by the textural matte finish, this rollerball pen definitely gets attention in its vibrant Sage green casing. Polished chrome appointments highlight the sleek streamlined form. The Cross ATX is the professional's choice for contemporary, fashionable colors and style. It's bold, sweeping lines and an innovative wide, rounded clip give function to form. The smooth, contoured look and seamless design embrace the future while giving this pen a timeless beauty.

Cross ATX Executive Companion Sage Satin Matte Green and Polishe

Out Now: MONO - "Pilgrimage of the Soul"

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