AltRider R113-1-1106 Inexpensive Cylinder Head Guards for BMW the R Wat 1200 $173 AltRider R113-1-1106 Cylinder Head Guards for the BMW R 1200 Wat Automotive Motorcycle Powersports R,BMW,Head,,Wat,Automotive , Motorcycle Powersports,/hemisymmetry1700517.html,Cylinder,for,the,1200,Guards,$173,AltRider,R113-1-1106 AltRider R113-1-1106 Inexpensive Cylinder Head Guards for BMW the R Wat 1200 $173 AltRider R113-1-1106 Cylinder Head Guards for the BMW R 1200 Wat Automotive Motorcycle Powersports R,BMW,Head,,Wat,Automotive , Motorcycle Powersports,/hemisymmetry1700517.html,Cylinder,for,the,1200,Guards,$173,AltRider,R113-1-1106

AltRider R113-1-1106 Inexpensive Cylinder Head Guards New item for BMW the R Wat 1200

AltRider R113-1-1106 Cylinder Head Guards for the BMW R 1200 Wat


AltRider R113-1-1106 Cylinder Head Guards for the BMW R 1200 Wat

Product description


Fitment: BMW R 1200 GS (2013-current), BMW R 1200 GS Adventure (2014-current), BMW R 1200 R (2015-current), BMW R 1200 RS (2015-current), BMW R 1200 RT (2014-current). Color: Silver. Prep for adventure with a set of R 1200 Cylinder Head Guards from AltRider. The AltRider cylinder head guards for the water cooled BMW R 1200 are designed to protect your cylinder head from the scrapes and scratches that riding off-road often causes. AltRider went to great lengths to engineer a system that distributes load across the entire valve cover. Bolts are anchored both in front of and behind the cylinder head, hits are spread out evenly to minimize the impact force. The cylinder head guards are precision manufactured from 1/8 inch (3.2 mm) aluminum, and compatible with AltRider Crash Bars. Each side features a replaceable CNC-machined aluminum skid pad -- allowing you to refresh the guards in the event of a mishap. The inside of the cylinder head guards utilize specially designed rubber pads to isolate them from the valve cover. Provided hardware makes installation a quick and simple job. Fits with BMW OEM accessory crash bars and R1200 GS Adventure OE crash bars. AltRider motorcycle accessories are 100 percent designed and manufactured in the USA. 1/8 inch (3.2 mm) cylinder head guards prevent scrapes and scratches. Rubber bumpers isolate the guards from the valve cover. Compatible with water cooled R 1200 GS, R, RS and RT models.

AltRider R113-1-1106 Cylinder Head Guards for the BMW R 1200 Wat

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