Duvet,Cove,Girls,Bed,Teen,100%,3,Set,theokellos.com,$48,Cotton,/homoeomerianism1345322.html,Piece,King,Home Kitchen , Bedding,Comforter Duvet,Cove,Girls,Bed,Teen,100%,3,Set,theokellos.com,$48,Cotton,/homoeomerianism1345322.html,Piece,King,Home Kitchen , Bedding,Comforter 100% Cotton King Bed Set Popular popular Teen 3 Cove Comforter Piece Girls Duvet $48 100% Cotton King Bed Set Teen Girls 3 Piece Comforter Duvet Cove Home Kitchen Bedding 100% Cotton King Bed Set Popular popular Teen 3 Cove Comforter Piece Girls Duvet $48 100% Cotton King Bed Set Teen Girls 3 Piece Comforter Duvet Cove Home Kitchen Bedding

100% Cotton King Bed Set Popular Popular popular Teen 3 Cove Comforter Piece Girls Duvet

100% Cotton King Bed Set Teen Girls 3 Piece Comforter Duvet Cove


100% Cotton King Bed Set Teen Girls 3 Piece Comforter Duvet Cove

Product Description

Welcome to OTOB !

OTOB is a high-quality store, mainly provide 100% Cotton Duvet Cover Sets.

There are more options with various styles of bedding sets and wish you have a wonderful buying experience.


1x Duvet cover + 2x Pillow shams (NOTE: Comforter and Sheet NOT included).


Twin: (One 68"x86" Duvet Cover + Two 20"x26" Pillow Shams); (NOTE: Comforter and Sheet NOT included).

Full/Queen: (One 90"x90" Duvet Cover + Two 20"x26" Pillow Shams); (NOTE: Comforter and Sheet NOT included).

King: (One 104" x 90" Duvet Cover + Two 20" x 36" Pillow Shams); (NOTE: Comforter and Sheet NOT included).


Hidden zipper closure is convenient to get the duvet in and out; Four Corner ties are added to secure the duvet or comforter inside.

Warm Tips:

Gentle Machine Wash in Low Temperature, Natural drying, avoid sun exposure.Can not be long in the sun Exposure, prolonged exposure can also make the bed fade.

Due to the differences in computer monitors, actual products may have a slight color difference with the picture; For the different manual measurement ways, there may be 1-2cm(0.3-0.8inch) error.

King Size Bed Duvet Cover Sets 100% Cotton, Pineapple

OTOB Bedding Duvet Cover Sets

King Duvet Cover with zipper ties

Comforter Cover with Zipper Ties

cute duvet cover

cute room decor
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100% Cotton YES YES YES YES YES 100% Washed Cotton
4 Corner Ties
Zipper Closure
Available Size Twin Full/Queen King Twin Full/Queen King Twin Full/Queen King Twin Full/Queen Twin Full/Queen King Twin Full/Queen King
Package Include 1 Comforter Cover + 2 Pillow Cases 1 Comforter Cover + 2 Pillow Cases 1 Comforter Cover + 2 Pillow Cases 1 Comforter Cover + 2 Pillow Cases 1 Comforter Cover + 2 Pillow Cases 1 Comforter Cover + 2 Pillow Cases
Print Daisy Flower Floral Geometric Diamond Bohemian Daisy Flower Red White Checkered

100% Cotton King Bed Set Teen Girls 3 Piece Comforter Duvet Cove

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