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Manual half Sliding KT Board Trimmer Trimm Ruler Oakland Mall Paper Cutting Photo

Manual Sliding KT Board Trimmer Cutting Ruler, Photo Paper Trimm


Manual Sliding KT Board Trimmer Cutting Ruler, Photo Paper Trimm

Product description



It is a trimmer which combines a ruler and cutter and on which the cutter slides on the ruler for cutting.
It can cut thin materials or thicker ones at thickness max 10mm.
There are trapezoid blades furnished which can substitute the art cutting blade when it is broke off.
Using hook blade can cut PS board or acrylics.
There are two anti-sliding strips on the bottom surface of ruler to prevent running deviation.
This ruler increases your working efficiency, it is safe and practical, and also prevent cutting hands.
The blade is designed with safety lock which locks the blade from moving to make safe.

Length: 27.5“(700mm) 39”(1000mm) 51“(1300mm) 63" (1600mm) 71”(1800mm) 79"(2000mm)
Material: Industrial aluminum alloy, strong and durable.
Cutting Thickness: 1-10mm
Judgment Whether Suit Cutting: The material which at thickness not more than 10mm and can cut by the art cutter.
Applicable Materials: PP paper, thin PVC, PET film, Vehicle Wrap, adhesives, photo paper or other rolled materials.

Warm Tips:
For longer life-span of the blade, please use the professional backing plate instead of hard backing plate like glass plate.

About shipping:
Items will be carried by fast FedEx, 4- 6 days arrival. No delay on your business.

Manual Sliding KT Board Trimmer Cutting Ruler, Photo Paper Trimm

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