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Rosemarie Collections Magical Crystal Rhinestone Royal Scepter F


Rosemarie Collections Magical Crystal Rhinestone Royal Scepter F

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Rosemarie and Jubalee fashion jewelry and inspirational gifts provide costume jewelry that is trendy chic and fun! From proms to weddings, we have accessories for all occasions, polish your work wardrobe with the newest styles amp; our favorite classics. Need gifts for that hard to shop for person who has everything, see our soft Cashmere scarves, watches and religious medals for men and women. Visit our Amazon store to discover our newest gifts. Rosemarie Collections is a Women Owned Small Business located in the USA!

Rosemarie Collections Magical Crystal Rhinestone Royal Scepter F

PhytoKeys is a peer-reviewed, open access, rapidly published journal, launched to accelerate research and free information exchange in taxonomy, phylogeny, biogeography and evolution of plants. The journal applies cutting-edge technologies in publishing and preservation of digital materials to meet the highest possible standards of the cybertaxonomy era.

PhytoKeys publishes papers in systematic Botany containing taxonomic/floristic data on any taxon of any geological age from any part of the world on the following topics: descriptions of new taxa, taxonomic revisions of extant and fossil plant groups, checklists and catalogues, phylogenetic and evolutionary analyses, papers in descriptive and/or historical biogeography, methodology papers, monographs, etc. Extensive floristic overviews on a group in a country or larger region are welcome. Short floristic contributions may be considered if they are based on significant or unexpected discovery.

Journal Impact Factor: 1.635
Q Values
Plant Sciences
Scopus CiteScore 2020: 1.8
Q Values
Ecology, Evolution, Behavior and Systematics
Plant Science
CiteScoreTracker 2021: 1.9 (updated monthly)
Publication types: Research Papers, Review Papers, Forum Papers, Data Papers, Software Descriptions, Editorials, Short Communications, Correspondences, Corrigenda, Monographs
ISSN 1314-2003 (online) | ISSN 1314-2011 (print)
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