Irwin Tools 327001 SDS-Max to Drill New Free Shipping Masonry Speedhammer Plus Bit $23 Irwin Tools 327001 SDS-Max to Speedhammer Plus Masonry Drill Bit Power Hand Tools Power Tool Parts Accessories Irwin Tools 327001 SDS-Max to Drill New Free Shipping Masonry Speedhammer Plus Bit $23 Irwin Tools 327001 SDS-Max to Speedhammer Plus Masonry Drill Bit Power Hand Tools Power Tool Parts Accessories Drill,Speedhammer,SDS-Max,Tools,327001,Bit,Plus,/hureaulite1991811.html,Irwin,Masonry,,to,$23,Power Hand Tools , Power Tool Parts Accessories Drill,Speedhammer,SDS-Max,Tools,327001,Bit,Plus,/hureaulite1991811.html,Irwin,Masonry,,to,$23,Power Hand Tools , Power Tool Parts Accessories

Irwin Tools 327001 SDS-Max All items free shipping to Drill New Free Shipping Masonry Speedhammer Plus Bit

Irwin Tools 327001 SDS-Max to Speedhammer Plus Masonry Drill Bit


Irwin Tools 327001 SDS-Max to Speedhammer Plus Masonry Drill Bit

Product description

This adapter enables you to use an SDS-Max shank drill bit in Speedhammer Plus rotary hammers. High-carbon steel construction, heat treated and tempered for long life. Shot-peened, double-tempered finish reduces breakage and extends bit life. Tip design of IRWIN masonry bits enhances dust removal and provides symmetrical holes. Copper brazing resists heat and reduces tip loss.

Irwin Tools 327001 SDS-Max to Speedhammer Plus Masonry Drill Bit

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