$497,PSI,Pillar,Electric,ProParts,Kit,Automotive , Replacement Parts,/0-,P73010,theokellos.com,(0-35,Spek-Pro,/indecisiveness1345073.html,Boost $497,PSI,Pillar,Electric,ProParts,Kit,Automotive , Replacement Parts,/0-,P73010,theokellos.com,(0-35,Spek-Pro,/indecisiveness1345073.html,Boost ProParts P73010 Bargain Spek-Pro Electric Pillar 0- PSI 0-35 Boost Kit ProParts P73010 Bargain Spek-Pro Electric Pillar 0- PSI 0-35 Boost Kit $497 ProParts P73010 Spek-Pro Electric Pillar Kit (0-35 PSI Boost /0- Automotive Replacement Parts $497 ProParts P73010 Spek-Pro Electric Pillar Kit (0-35 PSI Boost /0- Automotive Replacement Parts

Super sale ProParts P73010 Bargain Spek-Pro Electric Pillar 0- PSI 0-35 Boost Kit

ProParts P73010 Spek-Pro Electric Pillar Kit (0-35 PSI Boost /0-


ProParts P73010 Spek-Pro Electric Pillar Kit (0-35 PSI Boost /0-

Product description

Auto meter has brought together the most popular diesel gauges into a complete, ready to install triple pillar kit. The kit includes pyrometer (EGT), boost, and transmission temperature. Features: Kits include mounting solution, gauges, sensors and wiring necessary for installation 7 color user-selectable led background illumination (red, blue, green, white, magenta, yellow, orange) with adjustable brightness for optimal visibility in day and night conditions. No separate control module or laptop required - program each instrument simply using the 3 buttons on the dial. Gauge dial and bezel combinations specifically tuned to complement your factory instruments and interior. Patented design provides the largest viewable dial available in a 2-1/16" gauge for at a glance readings! user - programmable "high" and "low" alarm settings for improved driver notification and advanced pro-control to control auxiliary devices. Gauge readings you can trust - precision 280 degree brushless stepper motor gauge movements and state of the art solid state sending units provide unsurpassed accuracy. Innovative thread on bracket and plug in harness makes installation simple proven instrument design developed and validated in the grueling competition of NASCAR.

ProParts P73010 Spek-Pro Electric Pillar Kit (0-35 PSI Boost /0-

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