$48 RK Racing Chain 520SO-136 Steel 136-Links O-Ring Chain with Conn Automotive Motorcycle Powersports 520SO-136,/indecisiveness1753473.html,Chain,theokellos.com,RK,Automotive , Motorcycle Powersports,Chain,Steel,$48,136-Links,Racing,O-Ring,with,Conn Limited time sale RK Racing Chain 520SO-136 Steel O-Ring with Conn 136-Links Limited time sale RK Racing Chain 520SO-136 Steel O-Ring with Conn 136-Links 520SO-136,/indecisiveness1753473.html,Chain,theokellos.com,RK,Automotive , Motorcycle Powersports,Chain,Steel,$48,136-Links,Racing,O-Ring,with,Conn $48 RK Racing Chain 520SO-136 Steel 136-Links O-Ring Chain with Conn Automotive Motorcycle Powersports

Limited time sale RK Racing Chain 520SO-136 Be super welcome Steel O-Ring with Conn 136-Links

RK Racing Chain 520SO-136 Steel 136-Links O-Ring Chain with Conn


RK Racing Chain 520SO-136 Steel 136-Links O-Ring Chain with Conn

Product description

Size:136 Link

The 520SO is one of the best O-ring chains in the industry. 520SO chains feature heat treated hi-carbon alloy steel components with seamless rollers and shouldered bushings for strength and durability, and are fitted with O-ring seals. O-ring seals are made from an advanced nitrile butadiene composite for maximum performance and wear life. Nitrile butadiene O-rings seal in lubrication and deliver smooth power with no O-ring drag or loss of horsepower. Pin length in mm: 19.9mm. Maximum wear life index: 600. Maximum tensile in pounds/feet: 7700 pounds/feet. Master link type: clip. Weight in pounds per 100 links: 4.08 pounds. Maximum cc: 400cc street/400cc off-road. 19.2 links per foot. 15.875mm pin to pin center. Your original purchase of RK sealed-ring chain is warranted to be free of defects in material and workmanship for 20,000 miles of street riding or one year of off-road use. There is absolutely no warranty of any kind for an RK chain used in any racing competition.

RK Racing Chain 520SO-136 Steel 136-Links O-Ring Chain with Conn

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