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ESD Lab Coat with Memphis Mall Lapel Collar Knee Pockets 3 Len Max 48% OFF Snap Cuffs

ESD Lab Coat with Lapel Collar, 3 Pockets Snap Cuffs, Knee Len


ESD Lab Coat with Lapel Collar, 3 Pockets Snap Cuffs, Knee Len

Product Description

pro esd lab coat


In electronics manufacturing environment specially designed protective clothing is often used to minimise accumulation and retention of the charge. This clothing, called an ESD garment, is worn over the ordinary clothing of the operator. Thus it should also provide shielding against any surface voltages or voltage transients arising from underlying garments.

In some cases the ESD garments are not used just to prevent ESD damage to electronics but also to prevent theelectronics from being damaged by the contamination of dust particles (cleanroom clothing).

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Brand earthinglife
ESD Properties 10⁶ - 10⁹ Resistance
Material 65% Polyester + 32% Cotton + 3% Conductex Filament
Closure Snap
Cuff Style Snap Cuffs
Shape Lapel Collar
Style Raglan Sleeves
Length Knee Length
Color Navy, White, Grey, Light Blue
Size Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, 2X-Large, 3X-Large

ESD Lab Coat with Lapel Collar, 3 Pockets Snap Cuffs, Knee Len

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