$21 Jackie Robinson Classic Scrolls Blenders 10X10 Pack 42 10-inch Arts, Crafts Sewing Fabric Jackie Robinson Classic Scrolls Blenders Pack 42 10-inch 10X10 Max 48% OFF Jackie Robinson Classic Scrolls Blenders Pack 42 10-inch 10X10 Max 48% OFF theokellos.com,$21,Jackie,10-inch,42,Robinson,/linesman1991655.html,10X10,Scrolls,Classic,Pack,Arts, Crafts Sewing , Fabric,Blenders $21 Jackie Robinson Classic Scrolls Blenders 10X10 Pack 42 10-inch Arts, Crafts Sewing Fabric theokellos.com,$21,Jackie,10-inch,42,Robinson,/linesman1991655.html,10X10,Scrolls,Classic,Pack,Arts, Crafts Sewing , Fabric,Blenders

Jackie Robinson Classic Scrolls Blenders Finally popular brand Pack 42 10-inch 10X10 Max 48% OFF

Jackie Robinson Classic Scrolls Blenders 10X10 Pack 42 10-inch


Jackie Robinson Classic Scrolls Blenders 10X10 Pack 42 10-inch

Product description

Fabric bundle of 42 10-inch squares from the Classic Scrolls amp; Blenders collection by designer Jackie Robinson (Animas Quilts) for Benartex. Subtle swirls and textures are not the only thing that make these prints a must-have… the colors are absolutely right on trend! There are soft grays, yellows and neutrals as well as saturated blues, reds and purples. In fact, there’s just about every color you need to give life and depth to your sewing or quilting project. We love the variety and the richness of the colors, and plan to make this a staple in our sewing room. Be sure to use it with Jackie’s new Accent on Magnolias and her other collections. Classic Scrolls will add just the right touch of sparkle to whichever project you choose. There’s a reason they are “classics” -- they are always in style!

Jackie Robinson Classic Scrolls Blenders 10X10 Pack 42 10-inch


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