$75 Rapesco PF220AP1 Heavy Duty Hole Punch - P2200, 150-sheet Capaci Arts, Crafts Sewing Crafting Rapesco PF220AP1 Heavy Duty Hole Capaci Save money - Punch 150-sheet P2200 Duty,/numericalness13970.html,Punch,theokellos.com,$75,PF220AP1,Hole,150-sheet,Heavy,-,Capaci,Arts, Crafts Sewing , Crafting,Rapesco,P2200, Duty,/numericalness13970.html,Punch,theokellos.com,$75,PF220AP1,Hole,150-sheet,Heavy,-,Capaci,Arts, Crafts Sewing , Crafting,Rapesco,P2200, $75 Rapesco PF220AP1 Heavy Duty Hole Punch - P2200, 150-sheet Capaci Arts, Crafts Sewing Crafting Rapesco PF220AP1 Heavy Duty Hole Capaci Save money - Punch 150-sheet P2200

Rapesco PF220AP1 Heavy Duty Hole Capaci Save money - Punch Selling and selling 150-sheet P2200

Rapesco PF220AP1 Heavy Duty Hole Punch - P2200, 150-sheet Capaci


Rapesco PF220AP1 Heavy Duty Hole Punch - P2200, 150-sheet Capaci

Product description


The P2200 Heavy Duty Hole Punch – making light work of demanding punching jobs. For large, repetitive punching tasks nothing beats the Rapesco range of Heavy Duty Power Punches. The P2200 incorporates Hollow Punch Technology and clever engineering to deliver crisp, clean and effortless punching of up to 150 sheets (80gsm) time after time. Feature rich, this punch includes a personalisation window, an extended handle to ensure ease of use and maximum leverage along with a self-centring paper guide that can be used to set up 2 and 4-hole punching. The neat and compact confetti draw keeps confetti neatly out of the way and ensures simple disposal. Changing the punching boards and cutters is advised to ensure maximum performance and doing so is quick and easy. Spare punching boards and cutters are always at hand in the convenient storage compartment. The P2200 uses Punching Cutters 0281 and Punching Boards 0282. Manufactured from high quality materials to exacting standards, the P2200 is a Heavy Duty hole punch thatís built to perform again and again and is backed by a 15 year guarantee.

Rapesco PF220AP1 Heavy Duty Hole Punch - P2200, 150-sheet Capaci

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