$51 Bedford Clock Collection 27.5" Classic Chiming Wall Clock with S Home Kitchen Home Décor Products Collection,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,Wall,with,27.5",Chiming,/numericalness1906970.html,$51,Classic,Clock,theokellos.com,Bedford,S,Clock $51 Bedford Clock Collection 27.5" Classic Chiming Wall Clock with S Home Kitchen Home Décor Products Bedford Clock Collection 27.5" Classic Wall with Chiming S NEW Bedford Clock Collection 27.5" Classic Wall with Chiming S NEW Collection,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,Wall,with,27.5",Chiming,/numericalness1906970.html,$51,Classic,Clock,theokellos.com,Bedford,S,Clock

Bedford Clock Collection 27.5

Bedford Clock Collection 27.5" Classic Chiming Wall Clock with S


Bedford Clock Collection 27.5" Classic Chiming Wall Clock with S

Product description

Bedford Clock Collection offers you the elegance and beauty of classic style with the modern reliable technology of today’s wall clocks. Whether a gift to your self or for someone else, this clock will add a special touch of sophistication to any room. With its stunning Cherry Oak finish, Golden Accents and Swinging Pendulum, this wall mountable time piece is not only an attractive focal point, but a functional and reliable piece of technology. With 4 distinct Chimes, the clock will announce the beginning of each new hour for your convenience. Carved details and special touches through out , as well as a convenient Sleep Mode that provides you with the option to pause the melodic chimes of this beautiful time piece for an entire 12 hour period with a simple push of your finger. Specifications: * Decorative carved accents * Metal dial * Standard Number Type * 6" Clock Face Diameter * Decorative glass * Harmonic Chimes play on the hour * Adjustable volume control * Chime shut off option * Easy to use Nighttime volume shut-off function at a push of a button * Chime Choices: To Alice, Strike, Westminster Music and Strike, Westminster Only * Requires two(2) AA For Chimes and two(2) AA batteries for clock, not included * Wood and Metal Pendulum-8"

Bedford Clock Collection 27.5" Classic Chiming Wall Clock with S

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