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Sterling Locks Ranking TOP20 National uniform free shipping 80-Hook Cabinet Key

Sterling Locks 80-Hook Key Cabinet


Sterling Locks 80-Hook Key Cabinet

Product description

Size:80 hooks

'The Sterling 80 hook key cabinet is manufactured from a strong steel construction and has a secure lock with an indicator confirming whether the cabinet is locked/unlocked. It is supplied complete with coloured key tags, indexing system for easy key selection and two keys. Sterling products are equal to the best in the market and are backed with guarantees of up to 10 years. Sterling is a brand of Burg-Wchter one of the largest manufactures of security products in the world. Burg-Wchter has a proud heritage of over 120 years and are recognised for quality standards across our extensive range of locks, padlocks, safes, post boxes and access control solutions.'

Sterling Locks 80-Hook Key Cabinet

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