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Noir Handmade Women's Mini Dress from Powerwetlook


Noir Handmade Women's Mini Dress from Powerwetlook

Product description

Sexy mini dress from Powerwetlook from the collection - Muse by Noir Handmade

Sexy minidress from Powerwetlook from the collection - Muse by Noir Handmade.
Mini dress with long sleeves and corset-like clasp at the waist.
The item is packed in a paper glossy box with picture.
Care instructions: 30 degree hand wash

Noir Handmade HOT EROTIC DESIGNS from the Muse collection!

What's in the box:
Mini dress!


80% polyamide / 20% elastane

Sizes: (Please note the size chart!)
S / 36, M / 38, L / 40, XL / 42, 2XL / 44, 3XL / 46, 4XL / 48, 5XL / 50 or 6XL / 52

Please note that images may be similar and we assume no liability for product information.

Noir Handmade Women's Mini Dress from Powerwetlook

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