Märklin 43897 Model Railway car Multicoloured Large-scale sale Passenger $44 Märklin 43897 Model Railway Passenger car, Multicoloured Toys Games Vehicles $44 Märklin 43897 Model Railway Passenger car, Multicoloured Toys Games Vehicles Multicoloured,Toys Games , Vehicles,Model,$44,Märklin,Railway,theokellos.com,car,,/respoke1345338.html,43897,Passenger Multicoloured,Toys Games , Vehicles,Model,$44,Märklin,Railway,theokellos.com,car,,/respoke1345338.html,43897,Passenger Märklin 43897 Model Railway car Multicoloured Large-scale sale Passenger

store Märklin 43897 Model Railway car Multicoloured Large-scale sale Passenger

Märklin 43897 Model Railway Passenger car, Multicoloured


Märklin 43897 Model Railway Passenger car, Multicoloured

Product description

Märklin passenger car 2. Class. Track H0. Era IV. Model: traffic car 2. Class (Bnrzb 725) of the German Federal Railway (DB). Design: "Silberling". Frankfurt am Main. Operating condition around 1975. Model: Minimum travel radius 360mm Type-specific designed underbody. Minden-Deutz 430 rotary frame with disc brake, without generator. Prepared for live couplings 7319 or 72020/72021, grinder 73406, interior lighting 73400/73401 (2x) and tail light 73409. Length over buffer 28.2 cm.

Märklin 43897 Model Railway Passenger car, Multicoloured

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“If it wasn't for Mind I wouldn't be here now. I will never forget their part in my recovery.”

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